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Paimpol-Goëlo, Terra Natura!



A full-scale natural experience, Paimpol-Goëlo lends itself to all your fresh air requirements! A day out on the solo nature walk with commentary by our staff and our network of environmental educators in one or all of three major nature reserves located not far from Paimpol. On the programme are children's workshops, walks to discover seaweeds and plants of the sea and the estuary environment. 

Abbaye de Beauport : domaine maritime du Conservatoire du littoral

- The maritime domaine of Beauport Abbey, Paimpol and its eight centuries of history: Conservation site of over 90 hectares.


Maison de l'estuaire à Plourivo dans la forêt de Penhoat Lancerf

- The Estuary House on the banks of the Trieux estuary in the middle of the Penhoat-Lancerf forest at Plourivo. A Conservatoire du Littoral site on over 450 hectares. 


Réserve naturelle Paul Lapicque - Baie de Launay

- Paule Lapicque natural reserve bordering the bay of Launay at Ploubazlanec. A Bretagne Vivante  site over 11 hectares:



Fête de la nature




The three remarkable natural reserves are celebrated each year arund mid May in with the Fête Nationale de la Nature - the national nature festival.

The community of municipalities of Paimpol-Goëlo invites all the important players working in the economic and cultural life of the area to discover the natural riches around Paimpol. Workshops and walks open to all.




Paimpol-Goëlo - a historical engagement in environmental protection

Roche aux oiseaux - Espace naturel sensible

Did you know...

- That the Ile de Bréhat was the very first protected natural site in France, being granted designated status in  1907.

- Natura 2000: The Paimpol-Goëlo community of municipalities launched the first pilot scheme in Brittany, in 1999, for a vast European programme of protection of the marine environment and biodiversity.

- At Paimpol-Goëlo, not only are there three major natural areas but also four zones of natural interest protected by the Département of Côtes d’Armor - the Pointe de Guilben, the Tour de Kerroc’h, the Roche aux Oiseaux and the Rohou plain.

- Agenda 21: In 2010 the community of municipalities joined Agenda 21


Paimpol-Goëlo, Brittany - naturally!