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Food and Drink

Gastronomie Paimpol

Taste ALL the local produce!

Paimpol-Goelo for a gastronomic adventure


Let your stay in Paimpol-Goëlo be a pause of wellness and give the discovery of our local flavours the time their discovery deserves. Paimpol-Goëlo, a subtile blend of sea and land flavours, all year... 

The region's leading products

 The Coco de Paimpol (AOC), the famous blue lobster, fish, crustaceans, shellfish not to mention the delicious "Queen of the Bay"  scallops,   Paimpol bay oysters , abalones, mussels and all of our seasonal vegetables: potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, artichokes, chicory, onions and shallots.  


Gastronomy in the Bay of St Brieuc, from Paimpol to the Capes


Destination gastronomiqueFind out here the main current events of the  Baie de Saint-Brieuc Les Caps - Destination gourmande.

Also find la Baie de Saint-Brieuc les Caps - Destination gourmande on Facebook.



You can consult here our gastronomical guide... :



"Labels de terroir" - local quality labels

Our local producers, with their taste for the best, are members of associations that grant the highest quality labels to the places with the warmest welcome, the best products to taste, eat or take away…


  Les crêperies gourmandes - La route des saveurs - Les cafés de pays La route des saveurs, les cafés de pays et les crêperies gourmandes



For a short stroll of pure discovery nothing beats the market!

Tuesday morning: Paimpol. Saturday morning: Plouézec. Sunday morning: Ploubazlanec

Trop bon

See the list of producers and companies carrying the labels of high quality:



Paimpol-Goëlo, Brittany - naturally

All year round the Breton countryside is bathed by the gentle gulf stream and soft sunshine. Our restaurants and markets are supplied by an abundant and rich resource on land and sea. Get your taste buds ready for a 'frais pêché', at which our chefs excel!